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“I don’t really look for challenges as much as I like adventures. Other than that I’m just trying to find stories I want to tell.”

wes anderson

 “You’re looking so well, darling, you really are. I don’t know what sort of cream they’ve put on you down at the morgue, but I want some.”

M. Gustave, The Grand Budapest Hotel

There are certain personality in Hollywood whose signature style of directing can be instantly recognized even without knowing it’s their movie. Wes Anderson is a one of the director who has this quality. We will be analyzing his directing style.

You know its a Wes Anderson flick if there is a rich Micro world with a focus on art direction. His films have unique and idiosyntrantic production design.He is capable of make the audience feel they have entered inside a human dollhouse.

the dense abundance of the detail give the impression there are many interesting thing going offscreen on in the world he created. The audience feel like there are many adventures going on this world, wish they could see them all.

The adult in the films act like children and children feel like they are adults, with dysfunctional family relations. The world is full of peculiarities but the actor delivers the line like they are very serious. completely unaware of any potential comedy in what they are saying which gives a sense of sincerity and absurdity. There are recurring cast in his movies and most of movies are designed as Escapism. He uses art noveau color palette.

Here are his top 10 movies in no particular order which you can watch and tell us your views on the article.

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • Moonrise Kingdom
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox
  • Rushmore
  • Isle Of Dogs
  • The Life Aquatic With Steve Zisso
  • Royal Tennenbums
  • The Darzeeling Limited
  • The French Dispatch
  • Bottle rocket

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