Top 8 Nepali YouTube Vloggers 2021

1.   Sisan Baniya

Sisan Baniya is one of the best vloggers in Nepal. With a natural way of storytelling along with a great team of talented youngsters, Sisan Baniya has established his channel with a huge fan base and exciting contents.

As of the date of April 2021, Sisan Baniya Youtube channel has 549K subscribers and more than 60 million views overall.Total Subscribers: 549KTotal Subscribers: 549K

  • Total Subscribers: 549K
  • Total Views: 60,027,700
  • Channel Created Date: September 29, 2008

2.  Chetan Vlogs

Chetan Karki has established himself as a talented music artist and a cool and light-hearted person to hang out with. Basically, Chetan Vlogs is a YouTube channel that reflects Chetan Dai’s personal stories and experiences with his family and friends.

  • Total Subscribers: 550K
  • Total Views: 58,730,248
  • Channel Created Date: June 5, 2010

 3.  Girish Khatiwada

For all those 90’s kids the name ‘Girish Khatiwada’ rings a bell and the song “Ma Yesto Chhu” pops up and starts playing inside the head. Fast forward to the future, Girish Khatiwada emerged as a vlogger.

The YouTube channel is named as his original name title ‘Girish Khatiwada’ which basically shares his personal story and interaction with his family, friends, and some of the well-known celebrities associated with him.

  • Total Subscribers: 408K
  • Total Views: 47,382,040
  • Channel Created Date: Jan 2, 2006

4.  iamsega

The Nepali Youtuber named Sagar aka Sega is another sensational vlogger. Though his channel has other content as well, mostly the vlog includes travel, personal stories, and family interactions.

  • Total Subscribers: 1.14M
  • Total Views: 334,779,592
  • Channel Created Date: January 6, 2016 

5. Ghumante

Ghumante is a team of travel enthusiasts in the pursuit of discovering Nepal in its shades like geography, culture, lifestyle and the like.

 If you are a person seeking adventure and travel; Ghumante YouTube channel is a great pick as a reference.

  • Total Subscribers: 137K
  • Total Views: 10,699,825
  • Channel Created Date: July 2, 2015

6.  Bishal Gautam

Bishal Gautam is another vlogger with great appeal to the adults. His presentation style is unique and commendable which boosts average content to new heights.

  • Total Subscribers: 141K
  • Total Views: 8,131,760
  • Channel Created Date: Jan 22, 2016

7.  Milan Thapa

Milan Thapa has redefined and challenged the current Nepali standards in photography, video, and content creation. The youtube channel ‘Milan Thapa’ is a great reference for all those folks interested in Graphic content creation.

  • Total Subscribers: 74.8K
  • Total Views: 1,722,057
  • Channel Created Date: September 6, 2013

8.  Samaya

The simple quote ‘Eat, Lift and Travel’ from the official YouTube description of Samaya is the theme of the channel. Though the channel is young, the amount of attention it is getting is commendable.

  • Total Subscribers: 64.3K
  • Total Views: 6,579,444
  • Channel Created Date: December 19, 2019