Top 5 Nepali Bike Vlogger 2021

Moto vlog is a video recorded by a person while riding a motorcycle. These days they have a passion to ride bikes. They make multiple contents to give entertainment. They love traveling around the country on their motorcycle and exploring new places with their friends. 

1.  MRB                                    

 MRB is one of the most amazing moto vloggers in our country. He loves traveling around the country on his motorcycle and exploring new places with his friends and also talks about road safety.

  • Subscriber – 391 k
  • Viewers  –  29,327,105 views

2. Rajkumar Thapa Magar

Rajkumar has a luxurious lifestyle and his girlfriend also goes with him on rides. He has ridden and cycled on many dangerous terrains. His channel has some of his greatest experience and mind-blowing visuals.

  • Subscribers :-249k
  •  Viewers :-21,736,295 views

3. Gorkhali Rider

 He started his YouTube channel with a Hobby of travel and he converted it into his Passion. He used to travel frequently since his childhood and gradually he became passionate to show it to others as well. He loves to explore new places and make videos of them. He will try to show the real beauty of Nepal through his traveling Vlogs, Moto-Vlogs and he will also post some of the events of his life. 

  • Subscriber -172k
  • Viewers -18,683,972 views

4.Utsav Vlog

Utsav is a moto vlogger who has inspired many people. He creates extremely entertaining content. He is an entrepreneur who started his own youtube channel called Utsav vlog in 2017.  His videos cover adventurous trips on his many bikes with his friends. His passion for motorbikes really comes through in his content.

  • Subscriber – 83.3k
  • Viewers -6,160,001 views

5. East Rider Kiran

East rider Kiran is the oldest bike vlogger in our country. who shares his day-to-day experiences and creates lifestyle-specific content. He is a very helpful person because he helps those people in need. He is also promoting safety as well as teaching about traffic rules.

  • Subscriber – 90k
  • Viewers  – 10,717,020 views