Top 10 Nepali Influencers with Highest Number of Followers

Before we begin let us ask you one question – who is your favorite Nepali Celebrity?

You may have a lot of answers and a lot of reasons for your answers. You may like their acting skills, their beauty and handsomeness, their skill or their music skill. They may not even be popular ones and still might be your favorite. But the definition of popularity varies. 

Today in our context we are taking popularity as the ones having the most followers in instagram – the facebook for image and the platform that a lot of influencers use to increase their popularity. Today we have a list of 10 celebrities of Nepal that have the most followers on instagram. 

1. Priyanka Karki (1 million)

This may come as a surprise for those who have not followed Nepali pop media for a while but this girl from that little series did indeed reach 1 million followers on instagram. In fact she is the only one to reach that amount of followers. 

nepali influencers

You may have seen her in the memes for marrying someone younger than herself or in the news during the promotion of her movie or music videos. But regardless of what image you have of her, she is one of the most in demand actresses of Nepal and one of the skilled ones as well. Her beauty, kindness and her professionalism makes her rightfully deserve the 1 million followers that she has.

2. Shrinkhala Khatiwada (983 Thousand)

Also known as the former miss Nepal, she is one beauty and one of the ones who is constantly seen promoting social activism. Being the beauty she is, it is no wonder that she has this much followers but she is a beauty with brains as besides being a former miss nepal, she is professionally an architect as well – the profession that needs a lot of brains. 

Being the complete package of beauty with brains, she is constantly on social media and is generally known for her good deeds. So considering this, it is a wonder why she has not got more followers

3. Swastima Khadka (956 Thousand)

She was the girl from hostel returns but she quickly made a name for herself in the Nepali cinemas. It is safe to say that she is among the most in-demand-actress of Nepal. With her cute looks, bubbly and genuine personality and versatile acting, there is a reason why she is among the most in demand actresses of Nepal. 

Add the fact that she is one of our National Bhaujus who is married to our very own Kaale Dai Nischal Banst- that makes her the impossible dream of many Nepali – justifying her amount of followers. Bold and beautiful she is and she is popular just as much as she is beautiful.. 

4. Sushakt Khatri (886 Thousand)

The only boy in this list, you may be wondering how did he manage to get here where all of the top celebrities are females right? Well considering that he is skilled as heck and looks rather handsome – not less than any female celebrities, he rightfully deserves this spot. He is an Nepalese, Singer, Musician, YouTuber along with an amazing dancer. 

The way he moves his body and feels each and every word while dancing will leave no doubt in your heart as to why he is as popular as he is. 

5. Namrata Shrestha (674 Thousand)

She has been through it all – the success, the failure and the change of the movie generation. Most of you probably remember her from the movie sano sansar and she did debuit from that movie but she had been a model long before then. She is a beauty with skills and the professionalism to carry her grace so it is no wonder that she managed to gather this much followers. 

One can say that she is like a fine wine that just gets better with age. 

6. Samragyee (643 Thousand)

She is the one who exposed the bad side of Nepali Movie industry a while back and she did that with grace. While she made fun of her accent in the start of her career along with the scar on her face, she has owned them and proved that when you are skilled enough, things like minor scars and accent doesn’t matter. She is now a dream girl of many Nepali boys and a role model for a lot of females.

With beauty, skills and guts, she is someone who is truly a storm in the nepali movie industry.

Also her movie was not the first time she was on camera as she was also there as a model in the Nepali music video Dami by fuba tamang. Go check it out if you don’t believe us. 

7. Shristi Shrestha (628 Thousand)

Another miss Nepal of this list, she is mostly known for her lead in the Nepali Movie Gajalu as the kumari. That movie although not completely accurate portrayed the struggle of a girl who is chosen as a Kumari Goddess rather well. 

But before she was making waves among the hearts of Nepali, she was making waves in the indian audience as the model for the indian song Kabhi Jo badal Barse. 

8. Barsha Raut (616 Thousand)

 There is a notion that you can’t be chubby and famous as a model and actress. We’ll meet Barsa Raut that shatters that notion. When you have skills and grace from the heavens, the size of your body doesn’t matter even a little bit. Giving hits like Chakka panja and Mr Johlay, she has proved her worth as an actress and is one of the on demand actresses in the Nepali Movie industry. 

She is cute, skilled and someone that doesn’t mind going against the stereotypical thoughts and proving them wrong. 

9. Keki Adhikari (578 Thousand)

In every movie industry, there is that one person that stands for mature beauty. That is keki adhikari for us. She is someone famous purely because of her mature beauty and skill that she has in spares. 

Starting her career from Swar opposite to raj bhallav koirala, she has come a long way from there. Let’s be honest, who can forget that awkward and innocent girl from I’m sorry? 

10. Indira Joshi (415 Thousand)

If you have ever vibed with the song “Chaubandi choli ra rato ghadara” then we don’t have to tell you who she is. She is among one of the most skilled and popular musicians in Nepal. Along with that she has been a judge of Nepali Idols so even if you are not into music videos and are limited to TV for most parts, you know that she is skilled. 

The beauty and grace that she carries is just the cherry on top for her.

Final Thoughts

Yes, there is a surprising lack of males on this list but considering the demographic of Nepal, it is not much of a surprise. Regardless, we all have celebrity crushes and who knows you might be crushing on one from this list as well. They do have massive instagram followers and justifiably so. However these are just 10 celebrities and there are many more celebrities who are popular in Nepal. 

As an honorary mention we do want to mention Dayahang Rai as well who has amassed a total of 396 thousand followers at the time of this writing. If you want us to do more of these lists do comment down below and also tell us what other type of list do you want us to do. 

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