Batman is probably one of the most famous superheroes ever created. The Batman as a character made his debut in 1939 in Detective Comics no. 27. There are 66 total movies featuring Batman combining live-action and animated movies. Every animated Batman movie is a good watch but when it comes to live-action there is some masterpiece and others are just utter disappointment.

When it was announced that Matt Reeves is directing a completely new Batman movie that didn’t exist in the DCEU there was a mixed response among the fans. Then Robert Pattinson was confirmed to be the new Dark Knight audience were not happy about it. It was like when Nolan Cast “Heath Ledger” to play Joker. After Nolan directed his Batman Trilogy he changed the face of the superhero genre. Particularly The Dark Knight is regarded as one of the best movies ever made. So, Matt Reeves took a challenge taking this project.

I was looking forward to this movie as Robert Pattinson impressed people with his acting in some indie movies but especially when he co-starred with Wilhelm Dafoe in The Lighthouse. The Batman has a very well-written script and the acting done by the cast is just amazing. Everyone has given their A-game. This movie does justice to comics fans as it is closest to the comic it is adapted. Matt Reeves personally said that he was inspired by The Dark Knight to make this movie. The most notable part of this movie is that it shows the detective aspect of batman which no other batman movies have done. As we know Batman was introduced as the world’s greatest detective.

Now going into the movie, the cinematography of this movie is just top-notch. It’s amazing how the colors are always according to the feel of the movie. The opening scene of the movie does not top The Dark Knight but it was an amazing introduction to Paul Dano’s Riddler. As he acts as the catalyst who is behind the things happening in Gotham. We finally get a cool cat woman after all. Zoe Kravitz has given an extraordinary performance and has amazing chemistry with Pattinson. Her character is so much fleshed out than ever. Colin Ferell is unrecognizable as the penguin. Honestly, if I didn’t know the cast of the movie, I would not have guessed penguin was played by Collin Ferell. John Turturo as Carmine Falcone is one of the best mob bosses ever appeared on the screen. The calm and calculating man with sents chills down to your spine whenever we see him. As the movie is set up on a time when bruce is in his second year as Batman, we can see buddy-cop chemistry between him and Jim Gordon. One of the best parts of the movie is the emotional moment between Alfred and Bruce. It was the most vulnerable moment for Batman. This movie gave the best Alfred of all time, and we get to see how much importance he has in both Bruce Wayne and Batman.

Robert Pattinson has given his best as The Batman. A young Bruce who has just started being Batman and is in their early years. He is a little edgy at times, succumbs in the violence. We can see him conflicting with himself to keep his moral code. Paul Dano’s riddled is the opposite of Batman. He is also an orphan who suffered from the injustice of Gotham. He claims that he was inspired by batman to use fear as a weapon and takes it a notch up being an unhinged serial killer. In the final moments when he is caught, there is an amazing confrontation between The Batman and The Riddler for the first time. Riddler explains to Batman that he outsmarted him and Gotham is going to get flooded.

The ending of the movie is amazing as we see everyone struggling for their survival. Some goons are there to make things hard for our hero. We get to see The Batman fall. That is his most endearing quality as we know, no matter how much he falls he will never give up. He represents a normal human who is flawed and struggling to live with himself but still has strong willpower to make things right.

The Batman who calls himself “The Vengeance” and is trying to save Gotham by using fear as a weapon to intimidate his enemies ends up being the symbol of hope as he uses a red flare as a torch and saves the mayor candidate and other civilians. This is an example of using colors to tell and signify strong emotional points. Fed up with the injustice of Gotham city The Batman was using fear as a weapon to intimidate his enemy and saves Gotham but ends up being the hope of the city. When all hopes get lost his symbol will give people hope.

The Batman is the hero who falls. Without any superpower, he never gives up as he is the character we get attached to. Without his sheer willpower and dedication, he is just a normal person like us.


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