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Taika Waititi All 6 Films Ranked From Great To Best

Taika Waititi, the kiwi filmmaker has made 6 films all of which are terrific, whether it is a huge budget or local films with friends, there is legitimately not one misstep. But we are still going to count them down from best to more best.

#6 Eagle VS Shark, 2007

Taika Waititi

Eagle Vs Shark is kinda what you remember Napolean Dynamite being but with a bit more depth. It sadly flew under the radar but this bittersweet story is well worth tracking down. Jemaine Clement is especially terrific as a kinda loser kinda hero who is too scared to let anyone in. It’s so funny and so sad all at once. A low budget is actually kinda a plus for most of it. The homemade costumes, low-rent sets add to the movie. The only reason this is at the bottom is that Waititi started off on a high note, he just kept doing better.

#5 What We Do In The Shadows, 2014

Taika Waititi

It spawned a TV show and a Stage show, so it should come as no surprise that is excellent. This mockumentary is about vampires in Wellington, New Zealand feeling a lot like Taika Waititi goofing around with his friends because it basically is Waititi goofing around with his friends. It’s a really fun mix of vampire tropes all thrown together and then made as kiwi as humanely possible. It probably helps if you have been to New Zealand, but even if you haven’t the deadpan delivery and documentary style is hilarious, not to mention Rhys Darby’s excellent cameo as the leader of the werewolf.

#4 Boy, 2010

This was the highest-grossing New Zealand movie for years until Waititi broke his own record and it is easy to see why. It’s charming, funny, and sweet in a way specifically in New Zealand. Taika is great as the not-so-cool as he thinks he is dad. But it really the kid that shines. Waititi is exceptionally good with child actors, and within capturing the awkwardness of childhood in general. Sadly, this movie flew under the radar on the rest of the world, but if you haven’t seen it find it and change that.

#3 Jojo Rabbit

Waititi is maybe the best at working with a kid than any other director. He has an excellent sense of capturing what it is to be a kid while also delving into bigger questions. Its that moment between holding onto innocence and growing up too quickly. Jojo Rabbit is maybe the best example of this. It is as funny as you would except for a waititi movie but it also has the poignance you expect from a world war movie.

#2 Thor: Ragnarok, 2017

Waititi was a huge surprise choice to pick of the reigns for the third Thor movie but he far surpassed expectations. Thor: Ragnarok gives the Guardian Of Galaxy movie run for its money for the funniest Marvel movie. It’s a pretty simple buddy movie at its core with a bit of riff on Spartacus via the amazing planet hulk comic book run. It gave a chance to show Chris Hemsworth how funny he is.

#1 Hunt For The Wilder People, 2016

This is maybe the most stereotypically a Taika Waititi movie. It stars an awkward kid who is trying too hard played by Julian denizen who later went on to be awesome in Deadpool 2, and who ends up on a run with hilarious grumpy Sam Neil. It’s very new Zealand with Waititi regular cameos. It’s hit that perfect spot between endearing and funny. In a lot of ways, Wilder people is to Waititi what E.T. was to Spielberg.

And that’s It, If you haven’t seen any of these movies go and watch them. I can’t stress enough that all 6 films are terrific.

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