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Sofia Coppola 7 Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

This time on List Picker we are looking at the films of Sofia Coppola. Born into perhaps the most family in the movie business, Coppola was more or less thrown into the family business at an early age, but all of that experience certainly paid off when she made a switch from acting to directing. Coppola has since helmed 7 full-length films, a Christmas special, and an Italian opera.

She has found her place right on the border of the arthouse and commercial. Enough talking, let’s take a look at the movies and count them down.

#7 The Bling Ring(2013)

Based on the true story of a group of rich kids who broke into celebrity homes, Bling Ring rides the lines between TMZ powered reenactment and social commentary. Although, it never really achieves the latter. It feels like a movie for that small audience that is interested in what’s in Paris Hilton’s closet and also likes arthouse films. While the story probably works more like an article than a movie, it is partly saved by Emma Watson who plays way against type. But in the end, you don’t really have anyone to root for and the thrill of the crime gets old pretty fast.

#6 The Beguiled(2017)

Coppola’s most traditional film. The beguiled is a dark historical drama set in the civil war that tells a story of an injured northern soldier stuck in a southern school for girls. The highlights of the set design and that terrific cinematography along with a strong cast that includes Kristen Dunst, Collin Ferrel, Nicole Kidman, and Elle Fanning all doing great work. But though it does do its job fine it doesn’t really break any new ground so, your mileage is gonna be based on how much you like this kinda film.

#5 Mary Antoinette(2006)

Marie Antoinette is known for its sets, its costumes, and its generally over the top style and that’s for a good reason, it is a gorgeous film shot on location at the Palace of Versailles, it has opulence coming out of every pore but as an actual movie its a little bit less exceptional. Jason Schwartzman is particularly good as the very awkward King Louise and Dunst is fine as the lead. When this movie shines it really does shine, but they are given quite enough to do, it’s a movie that shows you a lot but it doesn’t have quite enough to say about it.

#4 Somewhere(2010)

Somewhere is a little bit an autobiography and a lot an attempt to channel Fellini. It has very few words and not much driving action instead it’s a slow-burning look behind the scenes of an actor on the road who is become untethered. The best bits are the father-daughter scenes with Elle Fanning who absolutely steals the show. There is some real heart in the relationship with a bit of a who’s raising who dynamic. There is also a lot of fluffs here though with more than a few scenes that overstayed their welcome and its tough to feel sorry for the moody millionaire at the center but once you get the feel for this film’s gentle rhythm it is compelling and Dorf is just likable enough to just about pull it off.

#3 On The Rocks(2020)

Sofia Coppola’s newest film is one of her best. It is still about extraordinarily wealthy people doing fancy things but the characters feel a bit more relatable than they do in most of her films, largely that’s because they are played by Rashida Jones and Bill Murray who both have natural likability to spare. Once the rocks get going it moves pretty quickly. It’s witty, it has plenty of heart and it does a great job of balancing humor and drama. There aren’t a lot of films that delve into adult father-daughter relationships but this one does a pretty terrific job at filling that gap.

#2 The Virgin Suicides(1999)

Sofia Coppola came onto the with a splash. The Virgin Suicide is a beautifully short lyrical film that tells the story of five doomed sisters in suburban America. It’s a coming-of-age film which all of the general tropes including some funny and touching moments, first loves and awkward dates, and an essential voice-over provided by Giovanni Rabisi. But it always has a dark dark shadow hanging over it. This movie would set the stage for Coppola’s career and her patient poetic style and her excellent use of music.

#1 Lost In Translation(2003)

Was there ever any doubt. This is the movie that pushed Coppola out of her father’s massive shadow once and for all. At the time, Lost In Translation felt different like the two lead characters it balances between youthful energy and a desire to break out of business as usual. Its arty, Its definitely indie but it’s also relatable enough tobring in the kind of audience that usually would’t watch an arty indie movie set in japan.

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