“Lebowski, I am not Lebowski man, I am The Dude, or call me El Duderino or His Dudeness if you are into the whole brevity things.”

One of the most quotable movies of all time, Coen Brother created an amazingly creative parody of film tropes. The movie is a blend of some noir detective feel, film literacy, and Coen brother’s style of humor.

The dude abides.

the big lebowski

Though the Coen brothers wrote this movie in the early ’90s around their Black Comedy “Barton Fink”,

It was released in 1998. Though they didn’t promote the movie, the movie became a sleeper hit and a cult classic. The appreciation for this movie does not just limit to the silver screen, there are books written about the movie, and there are websites dedicated just to the idea of the movie.

Nearly two decades later, the movie is still awning and captivating audiences. The movie has become a lifestyle.

Well, that’s just like your opinion man.

the dude

Jeff Bridges was born to play this role. A laid-back guy in his middle age who doesn’t search for jobs and is a pacifist. He is known as The Dude in the neighborhood. This movie made white Russian one of the most famous cocktails as that is what the dude drinks. John Goodman plays a war veteran who is kind of a jerk and tends to get violent. This movie also gave a lot of meme-worthy moments. John Goodman’s meme from this movie is one of the most recognizable. Steve Buscemi plays the role of Donny who is friends with The Dude(Jeff Bridges), and Walter Sobchak(John Goodman).

John Turturro plays a character who only appears for some minutes and is easily one of his best performances. He later got a spin-off movie based on that same character.

The Dude is described as someone who goes with the flow. He is compared to a tumbling weed that flows with the air.

The center plot of the movie revolves around a misunderstanding of mistaken identity. The story of the movie doesn’t matter in a sense. Most movies like to tell the story from the protagonist’s view. But in The Big Lebowski, the Dude is just a guy who wants to chill and live his life peacefully. Even the name of the movie suggests that our protagonist is a loser. The main theme of the movie is the concept of spirituality. If you take things easy and relax the world will force you into things like a tumbling weed rolling with the air.

The Big Lebowski inspired people to create a website based on the idea of the movie “Just Take It Easy, Mankind.” It became a lifestyle for many people. A religion called Dudeism exists in the world based on this movie.


This movie is an example of how you can captivate generations of the audience with a simple yet invigorating story and how to execute it properly in terms of both acting and directing. The soundtrack in this movie is also amazingly integrated into the movie.

DUDEISM https://dudeism.com/

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