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Directed by: Murray Kerr

 Produced by: Mohan Dotel 

Cast: Anup Baral, Namrata Shrestha, Ashish Rana (Laure), Alan Gurung 

At the beginning of the movie, smugglers are smuggling guns and ammunition at the border of India and Nepal and the smuggling gang is led by Ganesh. Amrit is a gang member working for Ganesh but he becomes a snitch who tries to help the Indian police to catch Ganesh and his gang and stop his ongoing smuggling activities. Ganesh somehow finds about the snitch and tries to kill Amrit. Amrit escapes his death after he flees from the gang. He reaches Paradise guest house where he meets his childhood friend Maya (Namrata Shrestha) and Amir (Alan Gurung). Ganesh is in the pursuit of finding Amrit and killing him. So he follows Amrit to Paradise guest house. Amrit has already told every detail to Amir who is police personnel. After finding out about Amir, Ganesh tries to escape away from the guest house but fails to do so as Amir does not allow him to leave. But a sudden twist arises as Amrit, Amir, and Maya are trapped inside the guest house by Ganesh’s gang members. Amir opens fire inside the guest house and a disastrous war begins. The war ends with Amrit killing himself and taking Ganesh with him with a bomb blast. 

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