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Talakjung vs Tulke

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Talakjung vs Tulke
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Directed by: Nischal Basnet 

Written by: Khagendra Lamichhane 

Starring: Khagendra Lamichhane, Reecha Sharma, Dayahang Rai, Buddhi Tamang 

Talakjung aka Tulke is a common villager who claims to come from an aristocrat family and struggles to reclaim the fame his family once had. He is humiliated every day by the villagers but still brags about how everyone should call him Babu Saheb.

Tulke is in love with another commoner from the village who serves the head of the village. Annoyed by Tulke’s act, she makes false accusations about Tulke trying to abuse her. Her alleged accusation is supported by the villagers and they humiliate Tulke and chase him from the village. 

Tulke, after leaving the village, arrives at Kathmandu. Coming from the village, Tulke is ignorant about the whereabouts and how about of the city. He is found by a stranger who happens to be a local mafia. Walking with him, Tulke is influenced by the don’s presence and adapts himself accordingly. As the movie proceeds, Tulke is forced to leave the city as the don is sought after by the police.

Tulke decides to go back to his village and by now he has enough money to sustain a lavish life in the village. The village, however, is the center of the Maoist revolution now and the movie takes an interesting turn.

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