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Directed by: Samten Bhutia

Written by: Samten Bhutia, Upendra Subba 

Cast: Dayahand Rai, Kamal Mani Nepal, Rajan Khatiwada

The movie is about Koshish who is a member of an underground Maoist group that is battling the government to overthrow the ever-existent monarchy and establish a republic. Koshish belongs to the cultural wing of the group that consists of the troops that stroll from village to village with a motive of spreading awareness among the poor, uneducated villagers about their rights and how they are deprived of practicing any. This has triggered the local authority.

The wing led by Koshish is an unarmed cultural troop. He is leading the troop on an awareness program in the village of Chailung Lamjung. After the troop has finished the program which consisted of skits, songs, and dances glorifying their movement, they are entrapped by the then Royal Nepalese Army. The troop, however, escapes this engaging melee but an innocent village girl is killed and Koshish himself is injured. Koshisih gets shot in his left leg but manages to escape to a nearby village somehow. Despite being influential before the incident, the revolution comes under scrutiny comes the death of the girl.

In the next few days, Koshish fights his severe wound and painful memories. When the villagers find out where he’s been hiding, they share this blame to Koshish for the death of the girl. The will power of Koshish to come out of this dire situation and serve their commanders is really appreciable. 

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