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Summer Love

Summer Love

Directed by: Muskan Dhakal Based on Summer Love by Subin Bhattarai

Cast: Ashish Piya, Namrata Sapkota, Rewati Chhetri, Suraj Singh Thakuri 

The movie is based on the novel Summer Love by Subin Bhattarai. The movie revolves around the love story of Atit and Saya and the tragedies they go through as a result if being distant. Atit and Saya are college mates who fall in love with each other. As the college ends, Atit is headed to Dhangadhi while Saya is headed to Norway. Amid being distant, disputes come in their relationship and Atit visits Norway to solve the problems. On a cruise in Norway, Atit meets a stranger (Suraj Singh Thakuri) who he narrates his story to. Atit starts with how the tow fall in love with each other and they end up marrying.

Saya flies to Norway for her higher studies and the movie has sweet moments hitherto. As the communication breaks down, doubts arise in Atit’s mind. Searching for more than a month leads Atit to Saya’s doorstep but she neither looks happy nor surprised. This notion makes Atit realize their love has been lifeless and sees no use of insisting. Depressed by Saya’s approach, Atit finds himself engulfed in liquor intoxication.

In the meantime, Atit office worker (Played by Namrata Sapkota) takes care of vulnerable Atit and has a physical relationship with somewhat drifts Atit from the melancholy. However, Atit is adamant of getting together with Saya and couldn’t forget her. The movie is a blend of romance and tragedy all in all. 

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