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Soongava: Dance of the Orchids

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Soongava: Dance of the Orchids

Directed by: Subarna Thapa 

Written by: Subarna Thapa 

Cast: Nisha Adhikari, Diya Maskey, Saugat Malla

This movie was sent from Nepal to represent in the Oscar Awards but was not nominated. Despite not being nominated for the Oscar, this movie has won several awards on the international stage. Diya is a 22-year-old strong-willed, strong and independent girl who is training to be a traditional Nepalese dancer. During her dance lesson, she forms a deep friendship with another dance pupil, Kiran. 

The friendship develops into physical desire. This is a taboo in what we know to be a conservative society. A fully grown girl, Diya’s parents find her a suitable man for her to marry which makes her desolate. She becomes close to Kiran and this closeness becomes passionate and intimate. They end up being lovers eventually and Diya breaks off her engagement. Both Diya and Kiran decide to live together but they are bound to constant scrutiny from the people. This relationship exposes them to ridicule and alienation. Despite the hindrances falling before them, their strength makes them surmount these hardships. 

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