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Resham Filili

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Resham Filili

Directed by: Pranab Joshi

Written by: Pranab Joshi

Cast: Karma, Binaya Shrestha, Kameshwor Chaurasiya, Menuka Pradhan, Shishir Bangdel

Ashutosh Shrestha Resham is a village boy who dreams to flee to Qatar and bring loads of money enough to live a lavish life and marry off his sister Suntali in a proper way. But these dreams end up on smoke when he is deceived and brought to Kathmandu instead of Qatar. The movie shows the struggle Resham goes through in Kathmandu as he visits manpower company asking for his refund but all his attempt goes in vain. He is kicked out by the manpower company after his constant whining. With the loan in his head and the burden of responsibility being the only son in the family, he is under pressure to earn money and pay his debt. Resham then seeks for possible ways to earn money along with his friends. While seeking ideas, they get tangled in the problems that involve Dorje don, the don of the city to whom they owe seven lakhs. To evade Dorje’s threat, they shift to Kritipur and start working as spot boys in the film set. Resham meets Sunita and falls in love with her. Resham and Hariya plan to loot Bryan, a top actor with an investment of manpower company. This plan fails miserably and in the meantime, Resham finds out his mother is suffering from Myicardic Infrangia. She is admitted to the hospital and needs two lakhs for her treatment. Mutiny arises between Resham and Hariya and Hariya goes missing. Resham finds out Hariya paid the hospital bills. Later, Hariya gets kidnapped and Resham with his team is on the mission to rescue Hariya.

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