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Director: B.S Thapa

Writer: B.S Thapa

Starring: Mala Sinha, Sunil Dutt, Rajendra Nath 

Maitighar is a first Nepali movie released under a private banner. This movie is played by Indian actress Mala Sinha and Nepali actor Chidamber Prasad Lohani who she gets married to. The actress tells the story of how she winded up in prison to the doctor.

The actress is accused of being a witch and killing her husband after her husband is found dead in the jungle. Her son is taken by her mother while she is cursed for every bad thing happening in the village. While trying to escape the village, she gets chased by the villagers. Just when she thinks she evaded the misery of the village, she gets found by a woman and gets sold to a dancer place. There she tries to kill herself but fails and she accepts her fortune. After her consistent whining about her wish to see her son, the woman frees her. After she is freed, she joins the college for speaking where she talks about the history of Hindu culture. After she starts working on the college, she is accused of killing the owner ‘Malik Saheb’ for which she gets sentenced for 11 years. 

The story then unfolds the mystery of how ‘Malik Saheb’ was killed by poison. In the end, she meets her son who is the police officer. After she is sentenced to prison, she kills herself and the movie ends with a song.

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