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Luv Sab

Luv Sab

Directed by: Dev Kumar Shrestha

Written by: Samten Bhutia

Cast: Samyam Puri, Salon Basnet, Shishir Bhandari, Karishma Shrestha

Luv Sab is a romantic movie revolving around three friends Traffic (Samyam Puri), Chandan (Salon Basnet), and Bhola (Shisir Bhandari). Traffic is orphan, deaf and dumb living in Pati. Chandan is a punk who is involved in gang fights and Bhola is a shoemaker. Living in poverty, they share common bond of friendship. These characters come from different status, caste and ethnicity. But the entry of Alishma (Karishma Shrestha) changes their lives drastically. Alishma is a beautiful girl who is living with her maternal uncle after the death of her mother. She is unaware of the fact that Traffic is madly in love with her.

Seeing Traffic madly in love with Alishma, Bhola reminds him of his ground. Traffic and Alishma don't match each other in any terms and Bhola tries to convince Traffic not to fall for her. Their friendship bodes well until Chandan falls for her as well. The situation complicates here onwards. Traffic thinks getting rid of poverty gives him the best shot of getting Alishma. This leads him to rob an ATM. Traffic gets caught while robbing the ATM and while fending ends up hurting the guard. Traffic then gets chased by the police and realizes that his dream will never be fulfilled. 

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