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Directed by: Ram Babu Gurung 

Written by: Ram Babu Gurung 

Crew: Dayahang Rai, Nischal Basnet, Rishma Gurung, Buddhi Tamang 

Kazi is an influential youth in the village of Mustang who dreams of marrying Maiya, the daughter of his maternal uncle. As the tradition allows, Kazi is adamant of marrying Maiya but chooses to win her heart rather than forcing her into marrying him.

Even though Kazi loves her with all his heart, he is not able to express his love in a soothing way. His direct way of approaching Maiya has taunted her and she rejects him time and again. Bibek, a visitor from Kathmandu falls in love with Maiya and vows to take her to Kathmandu with him. Bibek, however, turns out to be a fraud who seeks to take revenge against Maiya’s father. Kazi reaches the city in search of Maiya but gets trapped in the bustling city instead.

Maiya’s father is a goon in the city and has abandoned the village. With the aspiration of finding her long-gone father, Maiya has stepped into the city. But Maiya becomes the bait to lure her father and he gets arrested. Kazi, however, succeeds in bringing Maiya safely back to the village. Despite the heroic in saving Maiya, Kazi is still to penetrate Maiya’s heart.

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