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Directed by: Hemraj BC

Written by: Hemraj BC

Stars: Anmol KC, Swastima Khadka, Prakriti Shrestha, Salon Basnet, Gaurav Pahari

Aditya Bikram Rana (played by Anmol KC) is a rich guy who is not hooked up to any feelings and lives as he wills. He is sent to hostel in his early childhood away from the family emotions, love and care which has made him apathetic to the point until when he meets his friends Shree (Gaurav Pahari), Shristi (Prakriti Shrestha), Junge (Salon Basnet), Monica (Swastima Khadka) and Erica. They share a special bonding among themselves. Aditya, being crooked when comes to anger issues, fights senior on the very first day of college. This fight develops vengeance in the senior Sonam Tashi. He then develops wrath with warden as well as he blackmails warden by showing his sex tape.

Warden is bound to follow the orders of Aaditya. One day during campfire, Aaditya finds out that Shristi loves him and he also starts being intimate with her. This leaves Shree heartbroken as he loved Shristi since class 11. Aaditya then plans a trip to Bhotekoshi where Shristi finds out he never loved her and just flirted with her. Shristi in her tears slaps Aaditya and flashes away. When Shree asks Aaditya to apologize, he rebuffs the advice saying it was worth it for her as well. These words enough to break the friendship leaves Aaditya all alone.

All the friends try to cheer Shristi and Shree especially becomes extra caring. Shristi finds out Shree has feelings for her for very long and they end up with each other. Junge misses the fun with Aaditya and catches up with him where he finds that Aaditya is blackmailing the warden. He backs off as well. Aaditya then walks into all sorts of trouble to see his friends finally defend him. Here Aaditya finds the importance of bonding. 

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