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Directed by: Dipendra Lama

Produced by: Aarohi KC

Written by: Samipya Raj Timalsena

Cast: Bipin Karki, Surakshya Panta, Barsha Raut

The movie revolves around Sudhir (Bipin Karki) who is adamant in pursuing his dreams but some hindrances in his life keep him wandering if he will succeed. Sudhir is a proficient university graduate who graduated with a gold medal in Masters in Arts and is working as a college teacher. Sudhir also owns a cow farm in Tokha.

Sudhir and his girlfriend (Surakshya Panta), his colleague at the college he teaches are making a fair share of money from the cow farm. The romance of the couple is all over the first half of the movie. But Sudhir’s cow farm hits a rock bottom as the price of cow fodder increases and milk sales decline. The development of ailment in cows add woes to his existing one.

Seeing no other options, Sudhir is bound to selling his cow farm and try his luck abroad. Both his girlfriend and his father asks him to flee abroad. Sudhir along with his father are headed to Sindhuli, his home district, to prepare documents. On the way, they stop by a tea shop where he comes to know that the milk comes from a large cow farm. Speaking to the farm owner reiterates the idea of the cow farm. After this emotional scene, Sudhir returns to Tokha and starts the cow farm again and ends up succeeding even more. 

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