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Gangster Blues

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Gangster Blues

Directed by: Hem Raj BC

Written by: Hem Raj BC

Cast: Aashirman Deshraj Joshi, Anna Sharma, Aruna Karki, Rojisha Shahi, Samyam Puri

The movie is a romantic thriller featuring debutant Aashirman Deshraj Joshi. The movie was shot in Nepalgunj and Achham and shows the facet of woes gangsters go through in their lives. Aakash (played by Aashirman Deshraj Joshi) is expelled from his third semester BBA in Kathmandu which leaves him no choice but to return to his hometown, Nepalgunj. The return turns out to be a beautiful event as he finds out his school crush Aarju (played by Anna Sharma) is a medical student at Nepalgunj Medical College. Aarju’s mother committed suicide when she was young and this reason leaves Aarju vexed by violence.

The friendship of Aakash and Aarju grows. Whilst all these, Aakash is enrolled in a local gang for money which Aasju is completely unaware of. As movie bodes forward, they fall for each other and are having a good time. Parallel to their happy relation, Aakash is dragged into street fights and more gang involvements. Being a gangster leads him to jail and that’s where Aarju finds out about Aakash. Aarju feels cheated and leaves him. The movie then talks about the blues gangster go through their lives to keep their lives intact. 

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