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Directed by: Hemraj BC 

Written by: Hemraj BC 

Cast: Anmol KC, Shristi Shrestha, Salon Basnet, Gaurav Pahari, Menuka Pradhan

This romantic comedy is another movie by Hemraj BC starring Anmol KC. Hemraj BC has seen his movie see success in the theatres as he has preferred Anmol KC to star his movies. The fan following KC possesses has highly helped the box-office collection of the movie along with the somewhat unique storyline to what were availed in previous movies of BC. The movie is about the restrictions an ex-Kumari is bound to. Sujata Shakya (Shristi Shrestha) is an ex-kumari who is bound to follow the norms for being a goddess previously. She is constricted by many restrictions by her father and her stepmother. 

Sujata aspires to be a teacher but is not allowed to pursue her will as her father does not like her interacting with many people. Aarav (Anmol KC) is an aspiring director who happens to meet Sujata in due course. After they have met, their lives change in the aftermath. Both Aarav and Sujata fall in love with each other. Their love story comes under scrutiny because of the belief that the husbands of kumari die. Aarav helps Sujata come out of the restrictions and the movie is enjoyed until their romance gets cornered due to the belief. All in all, the movie is a must-watch. 

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