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First Love

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First Love
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Directed by: Simosh Sunwar

 Written by: Prachandra Shrestha 

Cast: Aaryan Sigdel, Karma Shakya, Binaya Shrestha, Reecha Sharma, Nisha Adhikari

This romantic drama has had a successful run in the theatres even when given competition by other movies. The movie spins around Aabha (Nisha Adhikari), Neetu (Reecha Sharma), Aayush (Aaryan Sigdel), Gaurav (Karma Shakya) and Rohan (Binaya Shrestha) and their love story. These characters are attending the same college and the movie reveals about college life in cities. The movie is about the love triangle of Aabha, Gaurav and Aayush on one hand and Rohan and Neetu on the other hand. Aabha is in love with Aayush only for Aayush to use her for physical relations.

 Gaurav, on the other hand, loves Aabha with all his heart but the love is one-sided. Aabha and Aayush are in a relationship. But as the movie develops, we will see that Aabha is pregnant and Aayush leaves her limbo. During her hard time, Gaurav becomes integral in caring for her. Caring her does not yield a result in Gaurav’s pursuit for Aabha as she opts Aaryan instead despite all the hard times he gave to her. The same happens in Neetu’s life as she forgoes all the hard times Rohan gave to her. Neetu has been a victim of rape but despite this first love is always special as she ends up with Rohan again. 

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