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Directed by: Tulsi Ghimire 

Written by: Tulsi Ghimire 

Cast: Rajesh Hamal, Srijana Basnet, Shrawan Ghimire, Tulsi Ghimire 


The movie stars Rajesh Hamal and debutant Srijana Basnet in the lead roles. Rajesh Hamal was touted as the Megastar after his blockbuster performance in the movie. Rajesh Hamal has a special attachment with the movie as his father breathed his last breath during the shooting of the movie. At the beginning of the movie, Srijana gets a marriage proposal. Her father is an amateur painter and his business partner has a son who wishes to marry Srijana. Srijana, however, refutes the proposal as she wishes to learn more painting. The businessman’s son has an irritating personality for which Srijana is adamant not to marry him. Srijana visits her paternal aunt in a remote village where she meets Shankar (Rajesh Hamal) and Sonam (Shrawan Ghimire). While she is about to enter the village, she crosses paths with Nima, a local goon. Shankar’s sister marries someone crooked in Shankar’s eyes. He deceives Shankar’s sister as she gets beaten and dies eventually and Shankar takes revenge. After the revenge, Shankar flees to the village where he meets Srijana who is already befriended by Sonam. The love triangle begins here onwards and flows through time.

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