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Darpan Chhaya

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Darpan Chhaya
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Directed by: Tulsi Ghimire 

Written by: Tulsi Ghimire 

Casts: Dilip Rayamajhi, Niruta Singh, Uttam Pradhan, Tulsi Ghimire 

Abhi and Raj are best friends, Abhi is blind and Raj has been taking care of him. Smriti is new in the college and Abhi strikes a friendship with her. Abhi and Smriti get along but Raj doesn’t get along with Smriti straight away. One day at a college picnic, girls hide boys clothes and they are forced to cover themselves with leaves. This catches allergy to Raj who is the star basketball player of the college. Knowing that Smriti is behind the prank, the principal scolds her and Smriti apologizes to Raj. now Raj and Smriti become close friends.

As things stand, both Abhi and Raj start falling for Smriti. Abhi proposes Smriti but she tells her that she loves Raj but when Raj proposes Smriti she tells him that she loves Abhi. This causes mutiny among friends as Abhi reveals that Raj was responsible for losing his eyesight. Abhi’s mother somehow discovers that Smriti deceived both of them and knowing this, both friends patch up. They want to confront Smriti but as they reach college, they find out that Smriti is admitted and fighting for her life. In the hospital, they discover Smriti has last stage cancer and her father hands them a letter. Smriti donates her eye to Abhi and asks Raj to be strong. Smriti then passes away and their story is named Darpan Chaya.

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