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Damaruko Dandibiyo

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Damaruko Dandibiyo

Director: Chetan Gurung

Writer: Khagendra Lamichhane

Starring: Khagendra Lamichhane, Menuka Pradhan, Buddhi Tamang

Damaru ko Dandibiyo is about the former national sports of Nepal, Dandibiyo which is going obsolete with growing urbanization. Damaru (Khagendra Lamichhane) returns to his village to revive the craze of Dandibiyo in the village. He asks his childhood friends Mukhiya (Buddhi Tamang) and Mala (Menuka Pradhan) who are reluctant to join his mission as they are busy with their lives.

The students and the villagers are not convinced either as they don’t think Dandibiyo will buy them any lavish life compared to other popular sports. Another major antagonist of the movie is the headmaster of the school who is adamant of not letting Damaru play Dandibiyo in the village. The antagonist is no other than Damaru’s father, formerly a Dandibiyo champion, who once initiated the act as well.

As the story grows, Damaru faces his father in a Dandibiyo competition in order to keep his hopes of reviving the game alive in his village. Things don’t pan out as planned as Damaru loses his bet and is adamant about leaving the village. The movie then takes a lot of interesting turns, you must watch this movie.

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