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Directed by: Tulsi Ghimire

Written by: Tulsi Ghimire

Cast: Tulsi Ghimire, Bhuwan KC, Niruta Singh, Bharati Ghimire, Pukar Gurung

Hari sir is a teacher of philosophy at Tribhuvan University. Bhawana who is often referred to as Guru aama is supportive of her husband. Prabhakar is a crook in the college who aspires to be a leader at any cost. He persuades Pratap, Hari sir’s student to join his party. Prabhakar sees Hari sir as an obstacle in his political career and therefore conspires against him. As a result of the conspiracy, Hari sir is demoted to a primary teacher in a rural village. Hari sir along with his wife and child (Akash) move to the village.

The education in the village is vulnerable and Hari sir makes moves to improve the education there. Soon Akash starts going to college, but Akash wants to thrive in no time. This leads to him stealing sixty thousand Hari sir collected to establish a primary school in the village. Narendra, a colleague of Akash asks Prabhakar to indulge in illegal activities. Akash gets arrested in a sting operation by Kathmandu city police. This news gives guru aama a heart attack. Hari sir tries to rescue Akash but is not able to do so. Knowing this, guru aama has another heart attack and dies on Hari sir’s lap. Hari sir is now aware of the fact that Akash works for Prabhakar.

Later police come to know Akash’s innocence. DSP Pratap conspires Prabhakar to tell all the illegal deeds he runs in the city and records without Prabhakar’s consent. This becomes proof and proves Akash’s innocence. Afraid of getting humiliated, Prabhakar shoots himself with a gun. In the end, Hari sir finds Abhishek, Akash, and Pratap in his class and becomes overwhelmed. Hari sir has a heart attack and dies eventually. 

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