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Directed by: Nigam Shrestha

Written by: Nigam Shrestha

Cast: Dayahang Rai, Bipin Karki, Saugat Malla, Robin Tamang, Arpan Thapa, Namrata Shrestha

Roshan has been deported from the United States and returns to Nepal. On his way back home, he meets a researcher (Saugat Malla) who plans to visit Chitwan National Park for his research purpose. Roshan spends most of his time with his two friends Bindu and Gyan, both of them being unemployed. Bindu has been kicked out of the family after falling out with his father. Gyan, on the other hand, has been threatened to leave his job as an army. All three friends are in dire need of the job. Roshan applies everywhere for the job but is unable to find it.

One day, Roshan and a member of Royal Gang (Namrata Shrestha) crossroads and Roshan develop feelings for her. Royal Gang is a gang of six members who are active in criminal activities in the town and have a fair share in smuggling animal skins. Lama, the leader of the gang hits Roshan’s elder brother and his family comes into financial crisis. Roshan being unemployed is unable to help his family during these circumstances and decides to take a very risky job.

Roshan and his two friends take the job of killing the gang leader for a fortune. Saugat Malla's role comes in the second half of the movie as he is adamant about stopping the animal poaching in the national park. Telling the story would be killing the suspense, the movie is a must-watch. 

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