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Batch No 16

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Batch No 16
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Directed by: Pitamber Pandey 

Cast: Aakash Kharel, Rubi Bhattarai, Anup Baral, Arpan Thapa

The movie is the first venture of the director Pitamber Pandey who made a noteworthy effort with the movie. The movie uses the language used by the general public and the language commonly used within the Nepal Police force which has made the characters more realistic. The movie drifted from the conventional movie approach as new technologies and concepts were introduced in the movie. Batch no. 16 is a story of two friends who are working for the Armed Police Force. Ram Karki and Guru Basnet are the best officers of the batch and also childhood friends. They have proved themselves time and again of being trustworthy and capable. The duo is deployed on a mission to catch an international gang of Hakim. Hakim, currently in Pokhara, is planning several bomb blasts. Ram and Guru don’t let this happen as they are successful in nabbing Hakim before the blasts. After they have arrested Hakim, they have 10 crore money in their control. This embarks the conflict between the two friends as one friend is adamant on being loyal to the nation while the other insists on sharing the money. The conflict over money causes mutiny and takes the movie to a new turning. Guru thinks of getting the money and while trying to stop his friend from the big mistake, Ram becomes the suspect of betrayal. The movie then shows Ram’s struggle to prove his innocence.

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