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Directed by: Tulsi Ghimire

Written by: Modnath Prasit

Cast: Hari Bansha Acharya, Madan Krishna Shrestha, Nir Shah, Anjana Shrestha

Balidaan (बलिदान) is the movie about the youth leaders revolting against the cruel Panchayat system. They seek for revolution as there is autocracy in the Panchayat system. This movie solely revolves around the revolution and the fight for the rights of normal people. One day a revolt rebel Bikram (B.S Rana) dies after there is gunfire on the campus. Bikram is the leader of the revolutionary group and there is a raid of the police in search of the rebel.

The revolutionists go underground to hide from the police and get dispersed in different places. Sangita (Anjali Lama) reaches Sirani gau where she meets Arjun (Hari Bansha Acharya). They work on their agenda of creating awareness in the public about their rights through the medium of songs. While doing so, they are also preparing the ground for revolution against the Panchayat. They now visit another village with the motive of creating awareness about democracy. In another village, they meet Captain (Madan Krishna Shrestha) who are not convinced by their approach. Captain tries to convince the head of the village for inter-caste marriage and the head refutes the idea. Arjun and Sangita marry despite the circumstances.

Sagar secretly loves Sangita and to get her, he betrays the group and snitches to the police. Arjun gets arrested. Arjun is tortured by the Senior Police Inspector (Neer Shah) initially but later is impressed. In the end, the fight breaks between police and the revolutionaries and Arjun dies. A son is born to Arjun and Sangita and the movie ends with a note that he gave up his life for the nation. 

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