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Directed by: Hira Singh Khatri

Written by: Durga Shrestha, Chaitya Devi

Cast: Shiva Shankar, Hari Prasad Rimal, Bhubhan Chand, Basundhara Bhusal

The movie was directed at the request of Mahendra to promote the panchayat political system in Nepal. Shiva Shankar was the Nepali song-writer and he was chosen in the main role because the director’s original choice for the lead actor was homesick. Bhubhan Chand was a theatrical performer and at that time there were no professional actors. Harka Bahadur is an alcoholic who physically abuses his wife after getting drunk and his wife has no other option than being abused. As Harka Bahadur is engulfed by alcohol, he can not afford to pay the loan of his house. This leads to his house being repossessed.

After this incident, Harka Bahadur promises that he will give up drinking. But such is not the case as he comes home drunk later that day. After coming home, he starts beating his wife but dies after being struck by lightning. After the death of his father, his son Man leaves the house to join the army. His mother teaches him not to be a worthless man like his father. 

A man pursues his dream and returns home a few years later after serving in a foreign army for two years. He finds out from the neighbors that his mother is dead. Hearing this, Man is left heart-broken and decides to leave Nepal. But his neighbors persuade him to stay in the country and serve the nation rather than working for another nation. They ask him to serve in the community as serving the motherland will have more douth similar to serving a mother. The man then decides to stay in Nepal and help the nation. 

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