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Directed by: Jharana Thapa

Produced by: Sunil Kumar Thapa

Cast: Salin Man Baniya, Samragyee Rajya Laxmi, Samjhana Lama, Salon Basnet, Amber Subedi, Buddhi Tamang, Anubhav Regmi

After its prequel A Mero Hajur shared success in Kollywood, Jharana Thapa came with the sequel. The movie revolves around the love story of Prem, played by debutant Salin Man Baniya and Maya, played by Samragyee Rajya Lakshmi Shah. The movie clocks back when Prem was in love in his school days and shares those memories with his best friend atop a terrace at Pashupatinath. Prem says how he loved the way Maya called him ‘hajur’ and recalls the memories.

A flashback to the childhood days gives a nostalgia about how clumsy we’d get to get the attention of our crush in school. Riding on a train back to childhood, we can see that both Prem and Maya are enrolled in the same school.

As their friendship is about to begin, it gets distorted due to some unforeseen circumstances. The movie then returns to the present where Prem is reluctant to give up pursuing his childhood love. The movie then arrives at Pokhara where the Prem and his friend is helped by an NRN (played by Amber Subedi). The whirlwind of the plot takes us to Manang and the majestic Tilicho lake. With the advent of the NRN, the movie takes an interesting turn. All in all, the movie is a mix of humor, emotions, and melodrama and certainly a movie to watch.

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