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Irrfan khan, was a world-class actor, very few actors are able to master their craft on a whole different level and he was, an actor who became at that caliber in his not-so-long career is truly out of this world.

The movie world suffered a huge loss when he passed away. He was respected not only in Bollywood, but he also had such a charisma that reached Hollywood, the rest is history kids.

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I am a movie critic at Zookti Co, and as a movie lover, it’s my pleasure to write about Irrfan Khan, who not only made me love movies but inspired me to chase my dream of being a filmmaker. Maybe, the article will be biased because I personally respect him in such abundance that I don’t care how anyone would react. I am going to talk about him to my heart’s content.

Sir Irrfan Khan(As a movie critic I view him as a movie knight) was born in Tonk, India at January 7 1967.

Irrfan Khan (7 Jan 1967 – 29 Apr 2020) was born in Rajasthan in a Muslim royal family. In 1984, he earned a scholarship at National School of Drama, Delhi and later shifted to Mumbai and acted in plethora of TV series like Banegi Apni Baat, Chandrakanta, Bharat ek khoj, Chanakya and many more under his wings.

One lesser-known facet of Irrfan Khan was that he was a passionate cricketer and a true lover of the game. At one point in his life, he wanted to pursue cricket, but couldn’t due to financial problems.

He though an Indian actor has done overwhelming work in British and American films. He will always be remembered for his supporting roles in Hollywood films like Life of a Pie, Jurassic world, the amazing spider man and inferno. He is also best known for his role in Maqbool, Piku, Madaaro, Hindi Medium, Paan Singh Tomar, life in a metro, the lunch box in Bollywood.

His closed one’s and fans will always remember him as a down to earth, practical and a very organized person.

Irrfan Khan: The Realist

Irrfan Khan never skilled himself to walk on the mark of a predictable star – in terms of his physique and appearance. He only concentrated on polishing his acting skills, diction and his guy next door look, made all the difference. He is detailed, persistent and determined as far as his craft is concerned. Irrfan Khan was always looking to establish a concrete groundwork; he was keen to work towards having a realistic approach than an idealistic one.

All his characters portrayed myriad emotions that make us, our emotions, our beings. This was his genius. He looked ordinary on the screen, as ordinary as all of us. So, it didn’t seem like acting, and we brought him to our homes. He looked that ordinary. And the ordinary is the most exceptional thing to achieve in arts and literature.

He was an amazing human being with extraordinary talents and charisma. We, The World lost him too early but his name will be there for eternity, inspiring people.

HIs spirit, his will will be carried on by your friends,fans and family.

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