Johnny Depp and Amber Heard; An Ugly, Scary Trial By Social Media

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

As the trial between Hollywood Megastar Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is breaking the internet as it is been going on live. I like to express my view on the matter and Domestic Abuse in general.

The court case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is messy, complicated, and full of mixed evidence for and against each person. So, why are the internet and online response rushed to his innocence and her guilt?

The situation began in 2016 with Heard filing for divorce, and immediately the case felt like another example of the #MeToo Movement. Heard even released a video suggesting being domestically abused by her then-husband Johnny Depp.

But as the years have gone on and much more details and evidence have come to light the matter has become a whole lot muddier.

If you are following the trials of Johnny Depp suing Heard for defamation on TikTok or Twitter, you are likely seeing the narrative that Depp has been definitively been proven the much suffering victim of Heard’s twisted treachery.

There is also evidence of Depp’s jokingly texting actor/friend Paul Bettany about killing Heard.

Why is the world acts as if these celebrities aren’t human, as if they can’t make mistakes or lie publicly about something or try to manipulate the facts?

Being a longtime Johnny Depp fan I may be biased on the fact that I side with Depp more because of that. But the facts indeed suggest that their relationship was of mutual abuse as most toxic relations are.

Though both of them are guilty of abusing each other when they were together, there is no denying the fact that Amber Heard used the situation to her advantage by manipulating the court, the law, and the whole world about how she, as a woman has been a victim of domestic abuse and her Op-Ed released in The Sun magazine, destroyed Johhny Depp’s career as an actor and his public persona suffered a lot of damage as he was being called a wife-beater at times.

Here are some facts that were presented in the court and how Johnny Depp provided evidence that will publicize his personal relationships and showed the world he had nothing to hide as he accepted his mistakes publically and presented the facts in court loud and clear.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard; A Mutually Abused Couple

1) Johnny Depp wasn’t the only alcoholic and drug abuser. She drank 2 bottles of wine a day and took drugs by her own admission.

2) Caught lying about using the makeup that didn’t exist back then to “cover her bruises” frequently, which was refuted by the makeup company in court.

3) Past domestic violence arrest against her ex, literally charged and arrested. Plus admitted to domestic violence against Johnny. Plus suspicion of domestic violence against her own sister (her sister was discussing it with her friends by the poolside in a video clip), and assaulting her ex-best friend in public. In contrast, Johnny has no history of being violent towards women, every single one of his exes and spouses all speaks highly of him, and has said he’s never laid hands on them.

4) Audio recording of her admitting to cutting his finger in Australia (not allowed in this trial due to technicalities), proving again that her testimony was a lie. (one of the voices on the tape is now deceased and can’t testify)

5) Her psychologist lied about Amber having no domestic violence history and was called out by Johnny’s attorney.

6) Has NO witnesses or evidence (all conveniently random strangers that she doesn’t know or deceased people like the bodyguard)

7) Her longtime assistant testified under oath that she did not once see or hear any physical abuse from Depp or ever saw any injuries on Heard in all the years. She also testified under oath that Heard spit ON her face when she asked for a raise .

8) She visits Dr. Kipper’s office the day after an alleged incident where she was severely beaten, the doctor’s medical report states her in perfect health, with no injuries of any kind on her, and also states her skin was in perfect condition. Her explanation was “this was a partial report and I didn’t have time to get into the details with the doctor about the injuries”. (Day 16 of trial cross-examination)

9) Allegedly got her nose broken, hit multiple times, her scalp and hair ripped off, penetrated by a bottle, dragged over broken glass, and got her arms and legs “pretty cut up”, then somehow felt safe enough to take sleeping pills with her “attacker” in the same house, woke up the next day and made him coffee, then went to James Corden’s show miraculously healed. No marks, no scars, no pictures, no medical report. The hairstylist saw no signs of abuse, the hairstylist would’ve been inches away from her face looking at all the details while working on her appearance, and she saw 0 injuries. Multiple witnesses (including 3 cops) saw no signs of abuse.

10) Allegedly got raped and assaulted multiple times on her honeymoon, then wrote Johnny a love letter saying “it was the most amazing and beautiful honeymoon any girl could’ve ever dreamed of”. (evidence presented on Day 18 of the trial)

11) Claimed she wanted to leave Johnny, but in all the audio clips she was the one begging him to stay. Claimed she always tried to de-escalate, but in audio clips, she was always the aggressor preventing him from leaving and taunting him.

12) In all her “crying”, there’s never a single tear coming out of her eyes, even when reciting the most “traumatic experience”.

13) Allegedly feared for her life but bought him a large knife.

14) Testified under oath that she was beaten by Johnny with huge chunky rings on all his fingers, said she was “hit so many times in the face over and over again she lost count”. The photos taken the next day shows her face completely spotless without any injuries, when cross-examined, she answers “there do not appear to be any injuries on my face in that photo”.

15) Caught lying under oath again saying she “didn’t receive money” from Johnny when she got $7 million and lying about “never assaulted” Johnny when she admits to it on tape.

16) Proven once again as a liar when she made a public statement of donating 7 million dollars to a children’s hospital but in reality, donated exactly 0 dollars before she was called out, also caught lying under oath about donating the money. Her sworn statement was “I donated the entire settlement of $7 million to charity” when cross-examined, she states “I did not lie, I pledged the $7 million, “pledged” and “donated” are synonymous, they mean the same thing.” (Day 16 of trial cross-examination)

17) Blackmailing Depp with her attorney, trying to make a deal for 3 of the adjoining penthouses where they both lived, 50k monthly expenses, 500k in attorney fees, and the SUV Depp let her drive in exchange for not filing the protection order.

18) Her publishing of the op-ed “domestic violence” piece is timed perfectly with the release of the Aquaman film, it didn’t get published when they divorced, or before, or right after, but instead it was published right when Aquaman was being released and when the “Me Too” movement was grabbing the most headlines.

19) Amber Heard’s team desperately tried to stop the trial from being publicly broadcasted while Depp’s team made sure it was made public.

20) Long time friend and co-worker of Amber Heard telling about her hardcore cocaine and drug habit dating all the way back to 2008 when they were close associates, (youtube show called “Steven and Jason” and in the newest episode titled “We need to talk about AH”). 21) Amber testified about having injuries such as “gross colored puss coming out of her temple” and “suffering a broken nose”, but when cross-examined she changes the lines to “gross colored puss UNDER HER SCALP” and “FELT like a broken nose” because she knew the evidence is about to show ZERO injuries visible on her. (How does she see gross colored puss under her scalp? With an X-ray machine??)

22) Allegedly got beaten up for FIVE YEARS and not a SINGLE injury shown on her face, no doctor visits, no dentists, no surgeons, no photos, despite countless appearances in public events and countless photos taken given her celebrity status, many of those public appearances were the night after “the beating”, keep in mind the beating were all allegedly done by Depp with “huge chunky” rings on all his fingers, yet after five years of beating, she didn’t need to visit the doctors once or show on the sign of injury on her face, sounds like her facial bone density and durability of her skin can match that of armor platings.

23) Alleges Johnny slashed the soles of her feet, but was seen the next day walking completely normal, again no doctor visits or treatments of any kind even though she has a personal doctor on retainer.

24) Constantly changing details of her stories and allegations, she’s already given 4 different versions of the poop incident, she has said “1: told the security guard that she pooped and it was a practical joke gone wrong. 2: Johnny did it to frame her. 3: said it never happened and Johnny was gaslighting her. 4: said the tiny puppies did it.”

25) Her lying under oath is not even worth mentioning anymore, there is too many to list, just to list a few in this trial alone. Lying about not receiving any money from Johnny, when in fact she received $7 million. Lying about having donated the money, when in fact she has donated $0 so far. Lying about never assaulting Johnny, when in fact she was recorded admitting to it multiple times. Lying about never assaulted anyone before, when in fact she’s assaulted at least 4 that we have evidence of. Lying about her injuries, when a medical record showed absolutely no injuries.

26) She put someone through hell for years, publicly shamed, and destroyed his career and life, just so she can be seen as a noble victim and use the attention and sympathy to advance her career and profile. She claims she’s never wanted to be seen as a victim and wanted to move on, but appears in countless TV shows and articles talking about her “abuse” and “donation” nonstop, literally appearing on every show she could to talk about her being a victim and being noble on the donation that never happened.

27) Amber’s own friend, Tillet Wright, a long-time close friend with Amber Heard, testified under oath that he’s never seen or heard Amber being abused by Johnny Depp.

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