Mohamed Henedi

Mohamed Henedi


Mohamed Hendy [Arabic: محمد هنيدى‎] is an Egyptian comedy actor born in Giza, Egypt, on 1 February 1965 and has gained a cinematic bachelor’s degree.

Henedi started his career in 1991 in short appearances in theaters and cinemas, and he achieved huge success in his two films Esma’eleya Rayeh Gaii and Sa’ede Fel Gam’a Al Amrekya. He later starred in the movies Hamam fi Amesterdam, Belya we Demagho el Alya, Saheb Sahbo and Andaleeb Al Dokki. Mohamed Henedi also dubbed the voices of Timon, Mike Wazowski and Homer Simpson for the Egyptian versions of The Lion King, Monsters, Inc., and The Simpsons respectively. After acting in many Egyptian movies, he is famous all over the Arabic world.

Yasmine El-Reshidi, of The Wall Street Journal, said that Henedi was “considered the Robert De Niro of the Middle East.”

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